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Smar Pressure Transmitters


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Smar LD291 Low Cost Intelligent Pressure Transmitters

The Smar Pressure Transmitters LD29X series is the economical alternative in routine gage pressure measurement. The lightweight design eliminates the need for mounting brackets and transmitter supports in many applications.

Smar Pressure Transmitters LD291 offers digital HART based communication simplifying calibration and providing remote diagnostics. Its microprocessor-based electronics allow for total interchangeability with SMAR capacitive sensor. It automatically corrects sensor characteristic changes caused by temperature fluctuations.

Output Two-wire, 4-20 mA output plus direct digital communication (HART protocol)
Range 0 ~ 1.25 Pa to 0 ~ 25 MPa (0 ~ 5 in H2O to 0 ~ 3600 psi)
Accuracy ±0.1% accuracy of the calibrated span
Rangeability Accepts calibration from URL to URL/40
Wetted Parts 316 SS or Hastelloy
Ambient Temperature - 40 to 85 șC
Display Alpha-numeric (optional)
Configuration and Adjustment Through HART communication or local
Hazardous Area Certification Explosion proof, weather proof and intrisically safe

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Smar Pressure Transmitters

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